Where the Sea Meets the Sky by Peter Bently and Riko Sekiguchi

Does anyone else have a child that’s convinced they know better then you do? (Every. Single. Time 🤦‍♀️). If you need a book that proves that just sometimes grown-ups know better than children, look no further than this stunning book by Peter Bently and Riko Sekiguchi, Where the Sea Meets the Sky.

Sophie the Sea Otter wants to know what she might find where the sea meets the sky. Her Mum tells her it’s called the horizon and she’d never be able to get there but, convinced she can prove her Mum wrong, Sophie sneaks off on her epic swim. Each time she thinks she’s about to get there she discovers that she still has further to go, and the adventure is fraught with potential dangers. Luckily she always has someone looking out for her, even when she thinks she’s alone…

Peter Bently is one of our go-to picture book authors as you know that you’re going to get a beautifully written, top quality story. Add to that Riko Sekiguchi’s absolutely beautiful artwork and you’ve got a modern classic in the making. I love the colours and textures of the marine scenes, and the dramatic contrasts between the night and day spreads.

Written in lilting rhyme and with a warm hug of an ending, Where the Sea Meets the Sky makes for a lovely, comforting bedtime story. A simply gorgeous book. It’s published by Hodder Children’s Books and is available to buy now.

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